Why Naked? https://naked.yoga/why-naked-yoga/

Can I practice yoga if I am not flexible?
Of course! What better time to start practicing? You will never get more flexible unless you start.

Do I need Yoga Experience?
No, All classes are taught to all levels. Usually more intense options are offered for each asana and you can choose the option that suits you best. The teacher will help you modify the poses to your level of physical comfort.

What do I need to bring ?
Mats are supplied but if you prefer your own please bring it.  Bring a bath size towel or a non-skid yoga towel to place on the mat while practicing to absorb body sweat. Please bring a water bottle.

Are there shower facilities?
Yes, body wash is supplied but please bring your own towel.

What if I don’t have a ‘gym body’?
Naked Yoga is about full body acceptance, please come as you are and shed your judgments of yourself.

Will there be an orgy during or after class?
No. Naked Yoga Singapore is a safe, respectful, non-cruisy environment. Some classes are more intimate and sensual than others but it is NOT about sex.

What if I get an erection?
Most guys are nervous the first time they come to Naked Yoga. They don’t know what to expect. Perhaps they’ve never participated in naked group activities before. They wonder how sexual the atmosphere will be. They worry about getting hard. They fear they’ll be judged. Relax, you are in a safe, respectful environment. If you do happen to get an erection, just breathe and enjoy it. The only one who cares is you. Once class starts you will be so busy with your practice it is highly unlikely you will get hard