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The foundation of Thai massage works the invisible energy lines called Sen that run throughout the body and is based on ancient Yoga philosophy. These Sen carry the Prana or life energy that support our bodies. By massaging, bending and stretching these lines the Prana begins to flow unrestricted. The treatment can also be considered like doing yoga passively.

The massage begins by lying face up on a mattress on the floor wearing loose fitted clothes or naked. No oil is involved. The lighting is low and the music is soothing and calming. The recipient is encouraged to breathe mindfully in order to enter a meditative state. Many people think that Thai massage is painful but with open communication between you and your masseur the experience will be very pleasant.

4 hand massage is also available. What better way to pamper yourself than with two masseurs kneading and stretching your body.

Thai Yoga Massage classes are also available.

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