Unfortunately, and because this is a very conservative country I am choosing to keep my identity anonymous. I am a Yoga Alliance 500 hour registered  teacher (RYT-500) and have been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2011. I have studied many different styles of Hatha yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sivananda, Yin, Partner and Aerial.  My classes are always a blend of the above styles and every class is different.

Why did you start teaching yoga? I knew early on in my yoga practice that I would someday teach. It was a calling, not really a decision. I was patient and waited for the universe to open for the right time and opportunity for this to happen. I started practicing yoga purely for the physical aspects but over time I grew to love and understand the importance of the spiritual side of yoga. Teaching allows me to go deeper into my practice than I ever knew. I’ll never be done learning yoga.

What do you love about naked yoga in particular? I love the freedom it allows me to accept myself as I am in the moment without any barriers or trying to hide my imperfections. I love seeing my students have the same experience and come to terms with their image of their body. Louise L. Hay writes in You Can Heal Your Life “The innermost belief for everyone I have worked with is always “I’m not good enough!” Being naked in a room full of strangers is a humbling situation that allows you to address that thought of I’m not good enough.  That’s the ego talking to you and it’s time to change your mind.